The Shaw Show: Scene 1 Act 2

The Shaw Show: Scene 1 Act 2

IMG_0755 IMG_4007 2Seldom can a couple say they met in middle school, fell in love, played a married couple in high school play, reconnected in college, and have now tied the knot. Well, this “couple of the week,” Clinton and Shae, can and trust me, their story is so much than that.

As Shae puts it,

“Clinton and I met in middle school, and I’ve been loving him ever since! We won “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” awards together when we were in Forney High School Theatre together. I still remember daring him “not to kiss me” after rehearsal one day. I won! I found a journal entry about it from 2009 not too long ago. We always kept in touch, and somehow the timing was right about 5 years after graduating high school. He dated me with intention from the start, and the rest is history!”

How amazing is that?

I met Shae at a bridal show last spring and we instantly bonded over the fact that her engagement ring band is designed to look like the branches of a tree! Of course, because of that, she had to come see Stonebridge and our magnificent oak. And once you stand under our massive “Top Ten” tree, there is no going back!

“The band on my ring was designed to look like the branches of a tree, and during his proposal, his whole talk was about building a firm foundation, grounding ourselves, and letting our love grow, so we knew we had to get married underneath a tree.
Yours was the most perfect one!”

Clinton and Shae’s August Bash was a “Shaw Show” not to miss, but yours truly did just that. I was in Ohio at the time and was wishing I was in Texas every minute, but I got to relive it in photos and it was stunning. You can see how excited the both of them were to finally tie the knot. I love Stonebridge love stories. They are so different, yet the same.

Stay tuned for next week.

With love as always,


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