The Beginning Of Stonebridge

The Beginning Of Stonebridge

When my parents started Stonebridge Wedding and Event Venue, I admit, I had my doubts. Despite the fact that it is encompassed in rolling hills and surrounding by a breath-taking river and stream (Walden Pond could not have been more enchanting to Thoreau than this place was to us), all I could see was a rundown cottages and a little shack of a barn. I have always prided my vast imagination, but this was going to take some work.
To rush matters along, we booked three weddings before we were even technically open yet! (Most of the pictures on our website so far are from the last of those three weddings.) The lure of the land had captured their attention as well ( did I mention that we have one of the largest oak tree in Texas on our property?) With a deep breath, I realized that these brides saw the potential so I needed to as well.


The dilapidated little house was rapidly transformed, by my mother’s skillful fingers, into a little fairytale of a cottage. Snow White could not have been more charmed by the 12 dwarves’ home than I was to see the miracle that transformed that house. My mother, Danielle, has a knack for detail. Not the smallest thing had been overlooked by her (this was very frustrating as a young teen when she inspected my room after cleaning). I was shocked at the transformation that this little house had undergone. Now, a cute cottage cozied up to that grand ol’ oak tree.
Now the run-down shack that was to be used as a reception hall: this was going to take a little more imagination and patience. How on God’s green earth is that going to be an elegant reception hall? That is a story for the next blog!

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