Stonebridge’s Dream Becomes Reality…

Stonebridge’s Dream Becomes Reality…

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”

~John F. Kennedy

Here at Stonebridge, we believe in dreams–the crazy ones that you just can’t shake no matter how hard you try. I like to say, “Dream Big. You have permission here.” Stonebridge is a place where dreams become reality and fairytale beginnings become happily ever afters. We like quirky and unique. Instead of conforming to other ideas and designs, we like to be the makers of our own destinies and chart our own path through new waters. Recently, the Stonebridge family decided to do something a little crazy and follow one of our own dreams.

We decided…

(Drumroll please:)

To build a brand new deck surrounding the outdoor dance floor and underneath giant oaks (because why not?) to make the perfect place for your dream cocktail hour and/or reception. And man! I have been bursting at the seams to tell you more about it!

We created it like a stage… the stage for your perfect event. It goes over the valley in a semi-circle design (it is about 16 feet in the air at its tallest) and rests underneath three huge oaks which we are in the process of lighting up with a million and one lights! Pictures below. 😉 The railing pictured is temporary and the permanent railing is going up in the next few weeks. Also, I have yet to receive the wedding albums from the few weddings that have used the deck so far so more “high tech” pictures to come! Haha!

We wanted to do something different and really test our capabilities. That is what Stonebridge is all about: seeing dreams become realities. Stonebridge was a crazy and wonderful dream of ours that came to life and we are dedicated to seeing yours come to life as well.

Stonebridge has a heartbeat, and it’s you.


With love,

Michaela and all of us here at Stonebridge.

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