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Hello Everyone!

I have quite the “couple of week” for y’all today. It is Paul and Danette’s “paper” anniversary this month so it is perfect time to celebrate their love story. I met them in the spring of 2016 when they came to tour Stonebridge. I instantly bonded with them, and hoped that they would book with us because of what a beautiful wedding filled with love it would be (I don’t see how anyone could picked anywhere else but Stonebridge but that is just me:). Obviously, they choose to join the Stonebridge family and here we are celebrating their first year anniversary.

Danette describes their meeting like this,”Paul and I met through mutual acquaintances and soon became friends. We eventually started dating long distance with lots of phone calls and a few visits. After our first year as a couple, Paul moved to Texas. Almost two years later, we were engaged and then we married seven months later. #PDAWedding Day Next month we will celebrate our first anniversary. #PDAFirstAnniversaryAfter all those phone calls, we can talk to each other about everything. We love to laugh. We love music, movies, art, travel and delicious food. We value faith, family and friends.”

How beautiful is that? I bet those mutual friends have the ultimate matchmaker bragging rights. I know that I would hold it over my friends heads from now until eternity that they owe their wedding bliss all to me! HA!

Their wedding day rolled around along with a thunderstorm (legend has it that rain does mean they will have a happy marriage so you can’t complain!:) so instead of a “tree celebration”, she had her grand entrance through the balcony with all her nieces ringing bells before her entrance. Needless to say, it was absolutely enchanting, followed by the most delicious brunch we have had at the venue! Then, the skies clear up enough for them to have a family photo on the porch. When I think of “PDA”, I think of family, friends, and warmth!

With love,

Your Stonebridge family member,


PS Did you notice a new addition is missing from the opening photo? Think “deck”. 🙂


DSC_0550 (1)-2 DSC_0430-2

Vendor special thanks to Angela Cross (wedding coordinator), Lamb Photography and Baldwin Custom Creations (all are DFW vendors)

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