Love at Second Meeting.

Love at Second Meeting.

Fran and Drew are one of my favorite couples and I am so honored to be able to feature them in this “couple of the week” blog. Plus, they are the first couple I have written since I got back from Scotland and since Fran lived in Scotland for a time (and gave me some really great places to go while I was over there!), it is only fitting.

I can’t tell all of you how much I enjoy these. It is a good way to be able to feature a few of all the wonderful couples at Stonebridge. Every wedding is different and unique and each story is unique.

Now onto the story!

Fran is actually from New Zealand and they met eight years ago while Drew was on a foreign exchange program. When he changed his major to International advising,  he decided to start his advertising career “advising” by getting someone to study at his University from New Zealand on the other half of the exchange program he was on and that’s where he “met” Fran. He finished his exchange program, headed back to America, but continued Skypeing with Fran. They did long distance for a semester and then Fran became his first successful advertisement when she came to study on exchange in Missouri! The rest is history. I love how Drew puts it, “If you’re counting, I’ve actually followed Frances across the Pacific twice now. She’s pretty great.

However, if you noticed my title, that was actually NOT the first time they met! Turns out, Fran and Drew had posed for a photo together in a nightclub in Auckland a couple months before they actually started talking! Funny thing is neither one of them remember it: “The photo anecdote is also correct, which is weird because we both went with separate groups of friends and both remember the rest of the night but somehow forgot us meeting?!~Fran

How crazy is that?! It must have been meant to be even though neither remember that fated first meeting.

I had the honor of showing Fran and Drew the venue when they first came out (For the most part, y’all are stuck with me through your planning phase.) and instantly you could see how well they complimented each other. As Fran puts it, “Drew is more of an extrovert, and is really comfortable around people and I am the complete opposite – in fact one of my biggest fears about the wedding was walking down the aisle because I didn’t want people to look at me! I’m a little bit more of a planner and doer and Drew is a little more go-with-the-flow but I think we compliment each other – Drew helps me relax and chill out a little, and I feel like I help encourage, organize and support Drew in his goals where I can. As a couple we love movies, brunching, going for hikes, drinking coffee and doing the NYT crossword on a Sunday (sometimes with donuts), and traveling when we have the money (I’ve been in grad school for 2 years, then doing the wedding for the last year, so not so much of that lately).” How sweet is that?

I knew from the moment I met them that I wanted to host their wedding! Some couples make my job so much fun. I knew their wedding was going to be spectacular and fun and I was right. From beginning to end, it was perfect. They had their entire reception out on our newly finished deck. Plus, total props to Drew for setting up Fran’s decor while Fran got ready! He did a wonderful job! Every wedding at Stonebridge has its own unique flavor and I’m glad Fran and Drew added to mix. It was an honor hosting their wedding and I hope they come back and visit many, many more times!

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Vendors recommended by the bride and groom:)!

@aloveinfocus / @thedennisons for these incredible photos! Totally rocking the lights.

Cake: Sugar Bee Sweets

Catering: Olivia from Olivia’s Cafe from Keene, TX (Her homemade bread was amazing!)


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