John and Laci Spengler: A Match Made In Heaven

John and Laci Spengler: A Match Made In Heaven

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This summer…. I am going to be doing some very special blogs on different “couples of the week” we have had at Stonebridge. These couples have agreed to let me share their story and experience at Stonebridge, and I couldn’t be happier than to start with Laci and John. From the moment I met Laci I knew her wedding was going to be something special… I didn’t have the opportunity to meet John until the wedding day, but it was obvious how madly in love they were. I could go on and on about them, but hearing it from their mouths is much more interesting than listening to me rattle on, right?

Laci’s Story:

John and I met when I started working at the Hills Church in October 2014. I had been living in Malawi, Africa for a year with plans to stay there indefinitely, when I felt the Lord ask me to start working in a church. It had never been in my plan to work in a church, so I had no idea why He asked me to! Two days after feeling that from the Lord, I got a phone call asking me if I was interested in a position at the Hills. After a lot of hesitation, prayer, and wise counsel, I ended up in an office next to the man who would later become my husband.
John starting working at the Hills nearly 4 years before that, and he didn’t see me coming either. I remember on one of our first dates, he told me he had always thought he would marry a missionary. You’d think that would have freaked me out– but it actually assured me that this relationship might go somewhere! haha. He also bought me a handmade flower ornament that was made in Malawi for Christmas after only dating me for a week! John is one of the most thoughtful people I know–he captured my heart from the beginning.
Neither John or I had been in a relationship for several years, but we both are thankful for those years of independence–I believe God was preparing both of us individually so that we could be confident in our identities apart before being joined with one another. I’ve told John before that he was definitely unexpected, but he’s the greatest gift God has ever given me. He has walked with me through some of the hardest seasons I’ve had thus far in my life– he’s seen all kinds of crazy, yet he’s stuck with me. He has shown me more of Jesus’ unconditional love for me than I’ve ever experienced before.
There’s way more to the story, so if you want to hear more, just ask us. We’d love to fill you in on our crazy adventure that is full of love, fun, mess-ups, and lots and lots of grace.

John’s Side:

I had been working at the Hills for a good while. Four years at that point, and I was content. Things were going well, the ministry was growing, and I was engulfed in my music. But I was probably wondering when life would change where I would start to think about other people, and before I even had the chance, Laci came along and changed all that. I never even had to think about it.
I remember seeing her for the first time, and she had some sort of crazy African pants on, and it really freaked me out, but had me intrigued from the start. She was different. I was different. Maybe there was a chance.
Well, a few fumbling social interactions, and a shot-down attempt or two later, I eventually worked my way into a date with the girl that I had already dreamed of, but never knew existed. I’m not sure she even believed *I* existed, but I was glad we were able to prove each other wrong. : )
A few months later, and a tough conversation or two down the road, our love grows and we were able to say yes to each other on the grounds of the botanical garden with a ring in my hand and tears in her eyes. (And really, she just had to say ‘yes’ to me)

How sweet is that story?? These two are amazing and precious and let me inform you that their wedding day was phenomenal! They even had a 12 piece band come play (which so happened that Stonebridge had to rewire our buildings electrical grid to accommodate them… we were more than happy to do so!)

Plus, I had the honor of driving the two of them and their photographer to the river and oxbow for their photos (thankfully no one fell off or I am pretty sure I would be out of a job right now… Haha! Just kidding.) You could see the love in those moments. It was tangible and real. I see a lot of weddings and all are unique in their own way, but Laci and John’s wedding left a mark on me and I hope that everyone finds a love as special as this.


P.S. You can see what I am talking about in this wedding video. Take a look.

Honorable Vendor Mentions: STONEBRIDGE DUH. 🙂 Also, hair and makeup by Pretty on Premises (Michelle Dollar and Darla Kimbrell). Photography by Scott Aleman Photography. Catered by 360 Degree Restaurant and Catering

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