High School Crushes and College Futures

High School Crushes and College Futures

Hello everyone in the Stonebridge World and those considering joining it!

Michaela, the unofficial scribe, here.

This post has been a long time coming. One of the most adorable couples got married back in June at our venue and seriously, they are the cutest. There story of how they met is even more serendipitous and you will soon see why they are this week’s “couple of the week” highlight.

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Jordan and Bryce met in high school because both played basketball–she was a sophomore and he was a junior. Apparently she was his “freshman crush” even though she didn’t really become friends with him yet because of the age difference (you know, high school). Flash forward, four years, apparently Bryce decided to reconnect his freshman year of college at SAU in Arkansas which Jordan was still in Texas.

Cue Facebook reconnection! (I knew Facebook was good for something beside feeding and enabling my tendency of procrastination).

They hit it off and history was made. Two years of long distance didn’t damper their relationship and they officially “tied the knot” with the perfect June wedding at Stonebridge. As Jordan puts it, “We’ve been together for almost 4 years now & he still makes me fall in love with him everyday as corny as that sounds haha.”

For me, they were a dream to work with and help plan “their perfect Stonebridge wedding.” Their enthusiasm was contagious and their excitement over finally getting married was a joy to watch. You could tell from the first time I showed them until the “I Do’s” that they truly love each other and couldn’t wait for the rest of their lives together to begin.

I love my job. You have these amazing couples that come to you and make all the hard work at Stonebridge well worth it. You aren’t just a client with us… You are Stonebridge family.

Yours Truly and With Love,


View More: http://jcimages.pass.us/rodgersbennettwed View More: http://jcimages.pass.us/rodgersbennettwed

Photo Credit: JC Images


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  1. Bryce & Jordan

    Love this, and love y’all!!! Me and Jordan couldn’t be happier to now be apart of not only each other’s family, but the StoneBridge family as well!! Keep being awesome and doing what y’all love! Can’t wait to come back and see how far y’all have come!!

    With love!

    The Bennett’s

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