Gabe + Ashley Rao. A Wedding to Remember.

Gabe + Ashley Rao. A Wedding to Remember.

Every so often, there comes a wedding that makes you believe in love, the type of love that gives you goose bumps in your soul. A love that everyone there can feel.

All weddings are a celebration of love and I enjoy so many of our weddings that I wish I had time to feature them all, but every so often comes a story that I can’t pass up telling. Some have a story that are so amazing, so beautiful. Stories can change you from a skeptic to a romantic just like that.

This was Ashley and Gabe’s story.

I met Gabe in June when he came to sign the contract for their August wedding. My dad had shown them the venue and this was our first meeting, and I met Ashley a few weeks later when she came out to look at decor and decide how she wanted Tuxedo Hall set up for the big day. From the first moment I met them, I knew their wedding was going to be something special. You could see how much they cared about each other, and their story was awe-inspiring.

In 2009, Ashley’s husband, Jack, passed away at the age of 26 while fighting as a Green Beret. That same year, Gabe’s brother Elijah also passed away far took soon while serving in the military. Both lives were taken far too soon and cut tragically short.

After their losses, both Gabe and Ashley started working with an organization called TAPS that provides help to those who have lost people in the military. (If you would like to hear more about this organization or donate, you can click the link here.) They met working with this organization and started dating and fell in love. It is so amazing that out of such tragedy that such a sweet love story could flourish. And a few years down the road, we were honored to be able to host their wedding. And trust me, just like them, it was something to remember.

Unfortunately, I was in Ohio at the time and wasn’t able to attend their wedding, but, I came home to everyone telling me how amazing it was and how you could literally feel the love that day. It seemed like everyone at Stonebridge had a kind word to say about them and their wedding. Then, when Abi Ruth, their photographer and and Jack’s sister, sent me their photos, it felt like I was able to relive their day and join right along with them in celebrating. If you would like to read her blog on their wedding, you can click the link’s below.

There wedding is one I am going remember forever, even though I wasn’t physically there!

Like I said, some stories made you believe in love.


P.S. Here is the link to Abi’s Blogs! The Story The Details The Family

Special thanks to Gabe and Ashley for letting me sharing their incredible story!


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