A Stagecoach Stop, Circus Elephants, and a 200++ Year Old Oak Tree

A Stagecoach Stop, Circus Elephants, and a 200++ Year Old Oak Tree

No, really… You did read that right! And I promise that I have not lost my mind (although I am half-way obsessed with that oak tree).

At our last wedding, we had some surprise visitors. While I was busy snapping photos of our tree and acting like the (un)official scribe that I am, two of the wedding guests had some surprising news for my mom.
Are you ready for this?
A married couple from Abilene, who use to live in Blum, were excited to come to Stonebridge so they could drive by their old homestead. Boy! Were they in for a shock! Their old place is… Are you ready for this? STONEBRIDGE!! They were stunned at our gorgeous reception hall (I promise to post photos as soon as it is complete :), and renovations. They used to live in the bride’s house. Small world, right?
It gets better. Our bride house use to be a stagecoach station. How cool is that?!? If you look up old stagecoach stops, Blum shows up. We were stunned. We had no clue our lovely little cottage had such a history. Plus, it appears that an artisan well was covered up right behind our tree. Wishing well, maybe? I hope so!
But I’m ignoring the white elephant in the room. We also discovered that a local circus, about a hundred years ago, would spend their winters in Blum. And where did they tie their elephants? You guessed it! OUR. TREE. It is not visible anymore, but some locals tell me that you use to be able to see chain marks around our tree.
Whew! That’s crazy, right? The couple who owned the venue has promised to send old photos…  Until then–

Lisa McNiel Photography-56

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Feature Image: @sarahdelaniephotography

Bottom Image: @lisamcnielphotography


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