A December Dream….

A December Dream….


Hello to all my brides and everyone in the the Stonebridge world! 🙂

I’ve missed you! I’m back and here to share with you one of the sweetest (and most gorgeous weddings) I have encountered at Stonebridge. Of course, I am slightly partial–don’t hold it against me. I think every wedding at Stonebridge is beautiful and the perfect expression of the individualistic styles of each couple. Every wedding is unique and we are dedicated to telling that story. No cookie cutter weddings allowed here. Let’s make it a Stonebridge Experience!

I was half a world away in Scotland (Believe me, I saw PLENTY of ideas for “stonebridges” over there) when Stephanie and Connor came to tour last summer. Even over the phone, I could tell how special they were. Since our fall was booked, they took December 9th, 2017 as their date–and hit the Texas weather jackpot to boot (seriously, December weddings are the best)!

I had the honor of meeting Stephanie the day before her wedding. You know when you meet someone and you just click? That was her. Honestly, I was jealous of my dad getting to show it while I was away. They were that special!

Their wedding day was flawless and went off with just one hitch! 😉 You know when plans go better than expected? It was that kind of day. They even were our first wedding to take a picture with our newly build waterfall! How cool is that?! Anyway, Here is to wishing the Walker’s a lifetime of joy and happiness! I’ll never forget your wedding…

Before I go, look at these incredible photos! They look alive! Props to Amy Zumwalt. She is beyond wonderful. Plus, she is super fun to work with. Always a plus.

Yours truly,



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