New Reception Hall… in 4 months!?

New Reception Hall… in 4 months!?

New Reception Hall… in 4 months!?

I do believe in my last blog I left the brides stuck with a tumbled down shack (pictured above) for a reception hall. Yikes! How are we going to remedy that? Well, apparently we did not know either. After our first three weddings (which took place technically before we were open), my parents toyed with many different ideas. Should we go with a rustic tin look for our country-inspired brides, but alienate  our brides who wanted a more trendy and artistic vibe? Or should we expand the barn to make it fit all of our brides needs? Idea after idea popped up but a spirit of discontentment still hung in the air. None of us liked either of those ideas.
There was only one idea which satisfied us all: to tear it down to the skeleton and start from scratch. This idea was kind of nerve-racking considering the fact that we had a wedding booked for February 21st–a mere three months away at the time! Again, my imagination jumped up and fled at the suggestion of that crazy scheme. Well, I am just the unofficial scribe of all things Stonebridge so my  opinion doesn’t matter much in the scheme of things.
Come to think of it: it never has meant much. When my parents have an idea stuck in their heads and set about to accomplish it, they are more stubborn than a bulldog when you try to take away his food. Within a matter of a few weeks (we had NO time to spare), the Reception Hall that will complete your day was in the works and the genesis already visible. With no blueprint, it was time to get to work. My dad had his hands full, especially since mom and I took off for Ohio for a few weeks and left him with the dirty work.
In my next blog, I will tell you about all of the special touches that our event center has to offer. It is still in the works but very close to being completed. The staircase railing and granite has been ordered and the paint is drying. I cannot wait to show it to you! Here is a sneak peak 😉 This is not the greatest photo but I wanted to show it to you. More official pictures to follow!



Update: Tuxedo Hall (our official name) is finished! The chandeliers went in last week! I am so excited! It looks so beautiful (if I am allowed to say that!) I will be posting more photos very soon! 🙂

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