We are $5,900 for a Saturday wedding in 2022-23. We are $5,200 for a Friday or Sunday. We are $4,400 for a weekday wedding. Please contact us directly for holiday pricing or special events. Stonebridge requires a third down to save your special date. We offer a 10% military discount (per bride or groom).

Stonebridge has decided to make your life easy. There is one package. From the tree, to Tuxedo Hall, to our special bridal cottage, to the Nolan River, to the cocktail hour, to the outdoor dance floor, to the fire pit, it is all yours to enjoy for the day (From 8 AM to Midnight). We want you to feel that the land is “yours” for the day, all 40 acres not to mention all the beautiful extras. Stonebridge is a place where dreams become reality. Dream big, you have permission.

Fall in Love with Stonebridge…

The reception…Tuxedo Hall.


For your perfect reception, Stonebridge has indoor and outdoor options which can be effortlessly combined to use both for your dream wedding day. We designed with the gorgeous hill country as the focal point. Even indoors rolling hills, romantic lights, and gigantic oaks are still visible and an enchanted background to your dream wedding. You can party with friends on on our outdoor deck and dance floor under starry skies and twinkling lights, or kick back and relax while still enjoying the beautiful outdoors through our dozen French doors surrounding the building. Everything was designed with you in mind.

The Setting…

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With one of the top ten largest Oaks in Texas, we have your “something old” covered. It is majestic and impossible to imagine without seeing, and standing under its wide reaching branches. It is every bride’s dream setting.

Plus, with over forty acres, there is no end of whimsical fairytale photo opportunities. Our oxbow area only adds to the magic. Surrounded by water with a small bridge over to the island, it is “Lord of the Rings” inspired landscape. String a band of lights in the background and you have a perfect ceremony spot.

Dream big. You have permission.

The Light Show…


Become immersed in whimsy as you walk our pathway through giant oaks. At night, Riverwalk becomes a haven for lovers to pleasantly get lost in with massive trees wrapped in white lights while the Milky Way Galaxy puts on a star show like no other enrapturing your guests until all sense of time is forgotten. Possibly even a Stonebridge makes its way onto this path.

Come see us, Stonebridge has a life of its own and likes to show off and never disappoints… Schedule your tour today. We are as flexible with your schedule as we can be. You’re the boss.


305 Max Rd, Blum TX 76627

List of All Included:

  • Fully Furnish Bridal House
  • Several Ceremony Locations
  • “Top Ten” Largest Oak Tree in Texas
  • Six Cascading Waterfalls
  • Over half a mile of Waterfront Views
  • 25 foot jagged red sand cliffs
  • Handmade wooden tables and chairs
  • Indoor Reception Location
  • 6,000 sq. foot deck over hilltop
  • “Library of Decorations”
  • Personal Cell Phone Number of Owner for Questions
  • Parking Attendants
  • Table and chair set up
  • Prep Kitchen
  • Engagement Photos
  • Bridal photos
  • Unlimited Visits
  • Fire Pit
  • Flower Gardens
  • Tree & Garden Lined walkways
  • Mood Lighting
  • Golf Carts (and Driver)
  • Plus so, so, so much more!!