A River Wedding

A River Wedding

Hello people!
Well, for months now, Stonebridge has been offering the potential to get married at the Nolan River to prospective brides as a possible place for their special ceremony. By that point though, they are already so in love with our gorgeous Live Oak tree that nothing will sway them from having their ceremony under its branches.
However, one bride decided to break tradition and have her ceremony there. It was gorgeous! With a rustic wood altar overlooking the lazy Nolan River, this wedding was stunning. It was a “first” to remember. The groom’s father married the couple (and did a great job I might add). Plus, one funny moment was when the groom dropped the ring and then responded with “It’s durable!” All in all, the river provided the perfect romantic setting for a wedding for our “water-lovers.”

Photo credit: @woodsphotoanddesign



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