A Daddy And His Boy

A Daddy And His Boy

When you’re running a wedding venue, sometimes you can become so busy that you miss all the “cute little happenings” going on at a wedding. After all, I am behind the scenes making sure nothing is needed by any of the vendors. No joke, I could run a wedding with my eyes closed.  Now, I love my job and enjoy seeing the unique twists that every couple does. I mean, no other event is such an expression of the couple’s personalities as a wedding.
But every once in a while, an event happens that is absolutely touching and unforgettable. One of these events happened at a wedding a couple weeks ago. Everything was set. The music was playing and the flower girl was walking down the aisle, but there was a very unhappy ring-bearer being led down the aisle. With his hands over his eyes, he was sobbing, “I wwanntt mmy ddddaddy!!”
What that little guy didn’t realize was that his father was the groom and was at the other end of the aisle. He said, very sweetly, “Look up! I’m right here!”
The little boy finally looked up and took off running down the aisle to his daddy. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the audience by the time it was over. I happened to be watching a little distance away and didn’t have the time to take a picture. Fortunately the photographer got this awesome shot and you can obviously see all the love in that moment. It was one of the most beautiful events that I have witnessed. Kevin and Trisha, congratulations! Your wedding was beautiful and so heart-touching.

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