Stonebridge goes to Prom

Stonebridge goes to Prom

I know… I know… The unofficial scribe has been slacking on her job. But I do have a (semi) good excuse. Stonebridge has been so busy. We are literally down to the chandeliers in the reception hall (I cannot wait to see them!). After that, I PROMISE photos are in order (you will get a sneak peak in this blog). I know that I have been saying that in every blog, but I really mean it this time!
Well, since I last wrote we have had several beautiful weddings and several beautiful brides and a lot of different décor and different ways of using Stonebridge. I will never tire of seeing all the different visions that brides have for making Stonebridge the wedding venue of their dreams. BUT I can’t skip telling you about the other events that we have had the honor of hosting. Because of that, I am going to tell you about one other event that we had. Prom.
I guess I was a rebel in High School because I never went to prom so I was more than curious to see Prom first hand at Stonebridge. The theme was 1940’s circus. This theme fit considering what Stonebridge found out a few months ago (refer to last blog). They did an amazing job. I was very impressed with the dedication of the parent who dressed up as a clown. It was brilliant.

Plus, wow! Those prom dresses were absolutely gorgeous! My favorite had to be the two-piece, bohemian, Egyptian-looking gown which I think Cleopatra would have worn if she ever went to prom. It was a blast. The kids danced all night!
I even convince Danielle (aka my mother and one of the owners) to take some pictures in the photo booth with me. We discovered that we cannot take a good photo at the same time. 😉
Anyway, that is all for today folks.

PS Again, this photo was taken before our building was entirely finished. 😉


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