A Wedding, 400 Guests, and the Hottest Day of the Year

A Wedding, 400 Guests, and the Hottest Day of the Year


I know right? Everyone who just read my title and is an upcoming bride instinctively just cringed. Well, that is just what happened at Stonebridge’s latest wedding. The day was destined to be the hottest day of the year, and for Texas… I don’t need to finished that statement. You understand.
Needless to say, we were nervous! We had this absolutely beautiful couple coming from Plano and they needed their wedding day to be perfect. Unfortunately, controlling the weather wasn’t an option. All we could do was set chairs and pray for the best.
The guests arrived and started to find their seat under our majestic oak. For those of you who haven’t visited Stonebridge, we are set on a hill overlooking a beautiful valley and stream. As the ceremony started, we realized that this beautiful (and God-sent) breeze started blowing under the tree. The weather was perfect! Not one guest complained of the heat. Jordan and Dan’s wedding truly was a beautiful event.

Plus, our new outdoor dance floor was a huge hit! They danced night away under the stars! Truly, that dance floor is my favorite new addition! The wedding was a success and our job was complete.

Photography by @Lisa McNiel

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