Frequently Asked Questions….

Frequently Asked


Q + A Session.

Here are a few frequently asked questions… If you don’t find your answer here, please email, call, or text us. We are always here to help you with all your “Stonebridge” needs. We are here to make your wedding as special and flawless as possible. Stonebridge weddings are unique. Each wedding is treated with the upmost importance. You are number one priority.

Once you go Stonebridge, its impossible to go back. Stonebridge truly is a lovely wedding experience. 


 Thank you!

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located at 305 Max Rd. in Blum, Texas. It is a small town on the outskirts of the DFW metroplex. It is just far enough out for you to hear “How did you find this amazing place?” and close enough to put your guests at ease. Come for a visit. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Q: What is included in your packages?

A: There is one package. From the tree to Tuxedo Hall to our special bridal cottage to the Nolan River to the cocktail hour to the outdoor dance floor to the outdoor fire pit,  it is all yours to enjoy for the day. We only do one wedding a day to make your day as special and memorable as possible. We want you to feel that the land is yours for the day, all 40 acres. Stonebridge is a place where dreams become reality and want you to feel that you are only limited by your imagination. We provide the dreamy location for your perfect fairytale beginning. We want YOU to be the designer of your perfect wedding day. 

Q: How long do we have Stonebridge for?

A: For the whole day! From 8 A.M. that morning to 12 A.M. that night. No rushing through anything. We want you to relax and enjoy your special wedding day.

Q: What are your prices?

A: We are $5900 for a Saturday wedding in 2020. We are  $5200  for a Friday or Sunday wedding in 2020. We are $4400 for a weekday wedding in 2020.

Please contact us for prices on a 2021 wedding, or holiday wedding. Again, these prices include everything on premises. Please contact us to inquire. 


Q: Do you have two day rentals?

A: Yes, you can rent Stonebridge for two days on a Thursday and Friday. Our package for that is $8,500. Then, Stonebridge is all yours for two days! You can have your rehearsal dinner here and have a party. Plus, there is a huge discount on two day rentals. What is better than one big bash at Stonebridge? TWO!  

Q: Do you have restriction on caterers?

A: No, we allow you to choose whom you want. We want the day to be as uniquely you as possible. You are the author of your own wedding day. Of course, we can recommend amazing people on every budget. 

Q: What is required for alcohol consumption?

A: Stonebridge requires TABC servers to serve all alcohol, and one police officer for every 100 guests. This is for your safety. We are located in a small town in the beautiful Texas hill country and want everyone to enjoy themselves while being safe. We do not limit the type of alcohol you can serve. Mixed drinks are allowed. 

Q: Do you have a clean-up fee?

A: Yes, Stonebridge hires a clean-up crew that charges $300, but this fee isn’t due until the day of and goes straight to the people who clean. Stonebridge does not profit from it at all. You do not have to worry about anything the night of. You take your belongings and go. We do everything else! We want to make your wedding night as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Trust me, your family members will thank you for this! This is the only added fee. 

Q: Can we have sparklers?

A: Absolutely! One of the owners, Danielle, loves them and per her request, they are 100% allowed! 

Q: Do you have any decor items we can use?

A: Yes! I like to call it the “library of decorations.” It is there for your use and has many amazing pieces. All of it is free for your use. 

Q: Are we allowed to come take engagement photos? Is that included in your package? 

A: Of course! Also, once you book with us, we do not limit the number of times you come visit us. This isn’t just a business for us. Stonebridge couples are family. We want you to be able to come out and plan your dream wedding. Also, we want to come back even after you have had your wedding. We want you to feel free to come and take a picnic on the point, or read each other your vows again under the tree. This is exclusive right and privilege to couples who have their wedding at Stonebridge. (Please schedule all visits with Michaela. She loves her job and doesn’t mind the phone calls. Our brides are our number 1 focus.)

Q: What does it cost to take photos at Stonebridge, when I am not getting married there? 

A: Please contact Michaela on pricing and scheduling for photoshoots.  Again, this is free for Stonebridge couples. Stonebridge makes amazing photo shoots! Please contact us before arriving. We are an appointment only venue. You never know when we might have an event going on. However, we try to offer flexibility with our appointments. Just talk to us and explain your schedule… We aren’t stuck-up. 🙂 

Q: Is Stonebridge really worth the visit? 

A: Wholeheartedly yes!! Pictures really do not do us justice. We cannot show you all 40 acres and all that is on premise. It is just fairy-talish enough for you to be able to believe anything can happen. Stonebridge isn’t just a wedding venue, but a wedding experience. Please, come see us. This isn’t just a sales pitch. We truly want to meet you and make your day as perfect and special as possible. 

Q: If I schedule a tour, is there any pressure to book?

A: Of course not! We want you to come out and enjoy the tour regardless of where you end up. However, I am a firm believer in Stonebridge speaking for itself. Once you step foot on premises, the magic of Stonebridge starts to work on you and imagination comes to life. I have seen it happen time and time again. You won’t regret it.

Stonebridge truly is a wedding experience. 


With much love,

The Stonebridge Family–Michael, Danielle and Michaela and staff