Tuxedo Hall.

Tuxedo Hall.

Hello Everyone!
Michaela here. I know it has been a while since you have heard from me. The (un)official scribe promises to be more faithful from now on.  There has been so many changes and exciting new things going on at Stonebridge that the time has just flown by.

Drum roll please….. I am here to post photos of our completed Tuxedo Hall!!! Yay!! And guys, let me tell you, personal prejudice put aside, it is GORGEOUS!! Decked out with four massive chandeliers, it is a showstopper, seriously. I honestly did not think it would turn out as gorgeous as it has, but once again, my mother’s design skills prove me wrong. I am sensing a pattern here with this.

Every. single. time.

She does it.

Plus, my dad hit a home run with his building. It is gorgeous. (And I am not the least bit partial;)

Should I just list off all the amazing features of Tuxedo Hall? Okay, Here I go. It is lined with twelve french doors to always let our lovely grounds (and pretty lights) to be the focal point, plus it has a gorgeous wood indoor and outdoor balcony, the chandeliers (as I mentioned previously;), our gorgeous handmade wooden tables, prep kitchen, storage room, dance floor–do I need to continue?!

I am literally awestruck. It is so pretty.

But instead of forcing all you potential brides to take my word for it, here are the photos to prove it (with a short caption about each photo:)

Lightly Photography 2016 http://lightlyphoto.com
Madeline’s beautiful set-up
Lightly Photography 2016 http://lightlyphoto.com
Madeline and her father… Daddy/Daughter dance
Lightly Photography 2016 http://lightlyphoto.com
Brandon with his new bride!!
Macy and Steven’s boho-chic wedding…
View More: http://kortneyboyettphotography.pass.us/budlacy
The utterly lovely Lacy…
Lightly Photography 2016 http://lightlyphoto.com
Madeline’s beautiful set-up…



View More: http://kortneyboyettphotography.pass.us/budlacy
Lacy and her Father enjoying a special moment
View More: http://kortneyboyettphotography.pass.us/ansley
The front of Tuxedo Hall… Notice the stonework!
View More: http://kortneyboyettphotography.pass.us/ansley
The back with the outdoor balcony… (perfect for a bouquet toss hint, hint)

Now do you believe me?

Until next time,


P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at info@stonebridgeweddingvenue.com

Photography by:

@kortneyboyettphoto (Featured Image) (Lacy and Bud Wedding)

@tracyautemphotography (Madeline and Brandon Wedding)

@jennifergilbertphotography (Macy and Steven Wedding)

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