The Rocks and More

Hello Everyone!

It has been far too long since I have updated you on all the wonderful things happening at Stonebridge currently. We are in the midst of a MASSIVE addition.

First thing is first: coming Spring 2020, Stonebridge will have on site housing! Break open the champagne! It’s time to celebrate! You will now be able to stay overnight for your wedding experience. Pricing and pictures will be coming in a few short months as we finish up renovations. Also, we will be offering a special weekday price for Stonebridge couples who wish to come back and relive their wedding bliss.

ALSO, remember the big rocks in the background of the river photos? They are officially Stonebridge property! Can somebody cheer again? We are currently making the area photo accessible, and while I am including some shots of this area, these are only iPhone photos and I cannot wait to show you professional ones of this new scenic backdrop.

I might be partial, but now, with onsite housing, waterfalls, river views, massive rock outlooks, lit up pathways, outdoor and indoor reception areas, and of course, our record book live oak, there is something for everyone. Text me today to set up your tour! 817.648.5761

Until Next Time,

Michaela and all of us here at Stonebridgerocks1 rocks6

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